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USA 2013 Part 2 : Sleepless in Seattle

Part of the fun of holidays is imagining all the things you are going to do while away from home. Just wait until that destination gets a hold of the unleashed version of us running wild! Marianne and I had planned to do many things in Seattle ranging from cosmopolitan browsing to taking Charlotte to parks and places like the Aquarium. In between the long hours of the conference, I also had grand visions of shooting timelapse sequences and visiting different locations to obtain iconic views of Seattle and Mount Rainier. Of course what you don’t plan for is for influenza and by then, plan B becomes a little boring by comparison. With thoughts of trying to achieve balance between rest and not missing out entirely, these are the next chapters in our USA story!

Chapter 5: Roadside snaps

On the morning of our departure, the weather had already been closed in for the previous 36 hours. There was lovely mist and light rain around with occasional breaking moments of light. It would have been ideal to explore some of the creeks around the National Park but health meant pushing on back to Seattle and the medical conference. A 5 hour gap between checkout at Ashford and check-in at Seattle meant that we had plenty of time for detours. We chose to drive back up the 123 to Tipsoo Lake before heading down the north-eastern side of the National Park back to Seattle. Along the way, the fall colours were amazing and we hoped that they would persist until the end of our trip. One particular tunnel was striking and three weeks later on our return, all of the foilage had faded to brown. As we climbed in elevation , snow started to fall! Charlotte had never seen snow before and despite her illness, she was able to give a smile through her many layers of clothing and a new word in her vocabulary had been added. I finally made my way to Upper Tipsoo Lake where a hazy winter wonderland greeted me. No sight of Mount Rainier unfortunately.

Fall Tunnel along highway 123

Frozen Tipsoo Lake

Chapter 6:  Confinement

As well presented and luxurious as the Grand Hyatt in Seattle is, single room suites aren’t suited to our style of travelling. At this stage, we were all coughing away at night which meant that none of us were getting the much needed recovery time that we needed from the flu. This , in combination with long conference hours really limited any kind of holiday type activities. On one evening, I managed to shoot part of a timelapse with Charlotte so that Marianne could at least have a period of reprieve. This ended in a toddler meltdown after some fun and cooperation in the preceding hour. *Head down 12th avenue and park at Rizal Park for ‘the’ view of the Seattle skyline*  I didn’t end up shooting any night frames of Seattle which I had planned. Marianne meanwhile had planned a visit to numerous stores around downtown Seattle but only managed a brief tour and a visit to the Aquarium. On our last afternoon in Seattle, there was some allocated time off for the conference which led to a short trip to Snoqualmie. The fall colours there were in full force and had we more energy, I am sure we would have lingered longer in the area. Snoqualmie falls were a feature of the TV series ‘Twin Peaks’ and were roaring away. *Currently, the path to the base of the falls appears closed* Despite fevers and general unwellness, this was the best we felt and happiest we saw Charlotte for this leg of the journey.

Seattle in Fall

Chapter 7: Snoqualmie Demons

Marianne and I are convinced that after returning from Snoqualmie falls, our child was possessed by another being. Never before and never again have we seen her behave the way she did on that evening. She was wailing for no reason every ten minutes all night and made all manner of trivial requests which if not met, resulted in screams. Thankfully, my theory may be correct and leaving Seattle may have been the exorcism she needed to escape back to her true soul. From what small glimpses I had outside of the conference room, I imagine Seattle and its surrounds to live up to its famed beauty but its full appreciation will need to occur on another trip in better health. On our departure, we headed back to our usual style of travel and hoped for a speedy return to health.

Snoqualmie Falls

The ‘Crab Pot’ : our one evening out in Seattle

Next up: Coasting back to health (The Northern Oregon Coast)



I spy with my little lens…..

In early February , Marianne and I had the pleasure of photographing Skye & Brad’s wedding around the Adelaide CBD. A big congratulations to you for what was a fabulous day, and best wishes to you for the future! For the topic of today’s blog, I thought we’d share some of the images taken from different perspectives and focal lengths at any given scene. For most of the day, I was using the 70-200mm lens (hardly a ‘little’ lens) while Marianne stayed wide with the 24-70mm. The ‘feel’ of any given scene can be presented differently and this is the luxury we have of two photographers at our wedding shoots. These were all new locations as we had not photographed a wedding location shoot on the actual streets of Adelaide before. Two weeks prior, we had arranged another meeting to walk through the locations in the limited time we would have between the ceremony and reception.

Scene #1 : Outside the Majestic Rooftop hotel on Frome Road.



Scene #2 : Alleyway



Scene #3 : Crossing Frome Road


Wide (from other side of the road)

Scene #4: Adelaide University



Other things we tried:

Using a sunstar at weddings!

A cake’s point of view

Exposure blending

ND filters for longer exposures

Making use of the environment

All in all, we had a great time photographing the wedding and congratulations once again to Skye & Brad. Thank you for letting us record your special day and we hope the memories we captured will last you for a life time of happiness 🙂

One of many happy moments