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I spy with my little lens…..

In early February , Marianne and I had the pleasure of photographing Skye & Brad’s wedding around the Adelaide CBD. A big congratulations to you for what was a fabulous day, and best wishes to you for the future! For the topic of today’s blog, I thought we’d share some of the images taken from different perspectives and focal lengths at any given scene. For most of the day, I was using the 70-200mm lens (hardly a ‘little’ lens) while Marianne stayed wide with the 24-70mm. The ‘feel’ of any given scene can be presented differently and this is the luxury we have of two photographers at our wedding shoots. These were all new locations as we had not photographed a wedding location shoot on the actual streets of Adelaide before. Two weeks prior, we had arranged another meeting to walk through the locations in the limited time we would have between the ceremony and reception.

Scene #1 : Outside the Majestic Rooftop hotel on Frome Road.



Scene #2 : Alleyway



Scene #3 : Crossing Frome Road


Wide (from other side of the road)

Scene #4: Adelaide University



Other things we tried:

Using a sunstar at weddings!

A cake’s point of view

Exposure blending

ND filters for longer exposures

Making use of the environment

All in all, we had a great time photographing the wedding and congratulations once again to Skye & Brad. Thank you for letting us record your special day and we hope the memories we captured will last you for a life time of happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

One of many happy moments



8 places, 8 celebrations, 8 months

At 8pm Friday 20th April, we finished our last of 8 weddings shoots for the 2011-12 season. Charlotte coincidentally was also going to be 8 months old that weekend. We thank Jillian & Sam for the opportunity to photograph their special day at the Adelaide Oval. Despite the demolitions going on, spirits were still high and we hope the images reflect your love of cricket! We are also deeply appreciate the stress endured and the love shown for Charlotte by our respective parents as they managed to look after her during these 8 days of photographing , followed by the week of editing afterwards. Starting with Jillian and Sam’s wedding, these are some favourites of ours from the past season.

Panoramic view of the grandstand of Adelaide Oval

Sam showing fine form with the bat

Rings & a well worn bat!

Sheffield Shield room

Entering the arena!

Presenting the rings

How was that!

Bat & Ball , go together like Bride & Groom

In with the crowd

Modern stairwells amidst old architecture

Jillian & Sam's scoreboard

Adelaide Oval by night - a vibrant burst of colour!

We wish Jillian & Sam all the best for the future. We certainly had a great time during our shorter than usual coverage of the day!

Now for a step back in time looking at our previous weddings for the season :

March 24 : Celia & Andrew at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

March 17 : Kirsty & Drew at Port Elliot

March 11: Yen & Malcolm at North Terrace

December 17 : Amy & Dylan at St Marks College

December 10 : Jane & Mike at Bird in Hand winery

October 29: Carina & Paul at Al Ru Farm

October 8: Alice & Matt at Bungaree Station

We look forward to what the new season begins this spring! With our growing commitment (literally) to Charlotte , we have decided to cap our availability at two weddings a month. So far, it looks like we will be returning to some familiar venues which always helps us be at ease and hopefully bring that sense to the bridal party and all involved. Thanks once again to all the brides and grooms who allowed us into their special day and we hope you enjoyed our services ๐Ÿ˜‰ And now, some final packing before holidays!!!


Kirsty and Drew : The long and short of March 17

On March 17, Marianne and I had the privilege of photographing Kirsty and Drew’s wedding. The weather forecast was all doom and gloom earlier in the week but we wereย  happy to see the heavy rains fall a few days early. This meant thatย  Saturday was a beautiful day for celebrations. Blue sky days aren’t ideal for wedding photography due to harsh lighting but that certainly did not put a dampener on what was a fabulous day. Once again, we were overhwhelmed with the friendliness and geniality shown to us; something which always helps us photograph the day. The ceremony was held at Horseshoe Bay in Port Elliot while the reception shifted to the Blues Restaurant just outside of Middleton.

With this post, I thought I’d show some of the advantages and luxuries of having two photographers on the day. First of all, during bride and groom preparation, there is no rush for us to head to each venue sequentially. Rather, we have enough gear to split up the shoot between us simultaneously. To date, I have carried the 7D with 10-20mm sigma , 16-35mm F2.8 and the 70-200 F2.8 lens. This gives me the capability to go ultra wide, or ultra long if I need to for detail shots. I end up using the 16-35mm on the crop sensor for most of the shoot. Marianne has photographed the bride with the 5dmkII and 24-70mm F2.8 lens. She rarely deviates from this but has the 135mm F2 lens in her bag if required.

Preparation details photographed independently

Once we are at the ceremony, I usually focus on details with the 7D + 70-200mm lens while Marianne stays wide to capture the whole scene and traditional portraits with the same setup as for the bridal preparation. Usually, I arrive at the scene with the groomsmen which gives me some time to try a panorama. To date, I have not found it possible to do a panorama including the bride and groom as there are inevitably people standing in the way beyond our control.

Soldier's Memorial Gardens : Port Elliot

Sand ceremony in context and detail


Rings in context and in detail

After the ceremony was over, we took a short drive to the clifftops around Horseshoe Bay where there were great opportunities for both short (wide) and long lens images. These gave different perspectives of the same scene.

Long lens shot atop the cliffs

Wide angle from atop the jetty

Long lens image taken from 100m back of the same scene above

Wide angle image of the tracks

Long lens image of the same tracks

We always appreciate quality time for location shoots and we felt that we had plenty of time for Kirsty and Drew compared to many other weddings we have photographed. Once the location shoot was over, we headed to the Blues restaurant in Middleton whose food we had the pleasure of tasting thanks to our hosts ๐Ÿ™‚

Wide angle shot of the beachouse accommodation

Long lens shot of the same scene above

Wide angle coverage of the bridal waltz

Longer lens coverage of the same scene

Shortly after the bridal waltz, Marianne and I headed back home to Adelaide where once again, Charlotte had proven to be very ‘baby-sittable’. We had a great time photographing the day and are preparing for our next wedding before a four week break, another wedding, then off to New Zealand!! Congratulations again Kirsty and Drew and thanks for your hospitality throughout the day ๐Ÿ™‚

That was the long.......

....and the short of March 17

Until next time! (ps. some 5dmkIII shots from the next wedding too ๐Ÿ™‚