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8 places, 8 celebrations, 8 months

At 8pm Friday 20th April, we finished our last of 8 weddings shoots for the 2011-12 season. Charlotte coincidentally was also going to be 8 months old that weekend. We thank Jillian & Sam for the opportunity to photograph their special day at the Adelaide Oval. Despite the demolitions going on, spirits were still high and we hope the images reflect your love of cricket! We are also deeply appreciate the stress endured and the love shown for Charlotte by our respective parents as they managed to look after her during these 8 days of photographing , followed by the week of editing afterwards. Starting with Jillian and Sam’s wedding, these are some favourites of ours from the past season.

Panoramic view of the grandstand of Adelaide Oval

Sam showing fine form with the bat

Rings & a well worn bat!

Sheffield Shield room

Entering the arena!

Presenting the rings

How was that!

Bat & Ball , go together like Bride & Groom

In with the crowd

Modern stairwells amidst old architecture

Jillian & Sam's scoreboard

Adelaide Oval by night - a vibrant burst of colour!

We wish Jillian & Sam all the best for the future. We certainly had a great time during our shorter than usual coverage of the day!

Now for a step back in time looking at our previous weddings for the season :

March 24 : Celia & Andrew at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

March 17 : Kirsty & Drew at Port Elliot

March 11: Yen & Malcolm at North Terrace

December 17 : Amy & Dylan at St Marks College

December 10 : Jane & Mike at Bird in Hand winery

October 29: Carina & Paul at Al Ru Farm

October 8: Alice & Matt at Bungaree Station

We look forward to what the new season begins this spring! With our growing commitment (literally) to Charlotte , we have decided to cap our availability at two weddings a month. So far, it looks like we will be returning to some familiar venues which always helps us be at ease and hopefully bring that sense to the bridal party and all involved. Thanks once again to all the brides and grooms who allowed us into their special day and we hope you enjoyed our services 😉 And now, some final packing before holidays!!!



2011: A year in review

What a year 2011 has been for Marianne and me! If you were to ask us what the highlight of the year would be, of course the simple answer would have to be the birth of Charlotte.  Sure there were sleepless nights, bad days at work etc but why focus on negativity when the everyday little things she does makes us smile and proud. From her first toothless smile, gurgles, discovery of her fist and all things which fit into her mouth, her first triumphant roll. Milestones fly in unexpectedly and will continue to do so over the years . We hope to be as good a pair of parents to her as we can be ! What about photography? We’ve been a little slack in updating this blog post but I think somehow time has eluded us like never before and what used to be done in 10 minutes now takes 10 minutes spread over several hours! Nonetheless, it has been a big year for us and we look forward to 2012.

In January , we photographed Katie & Trent at the botanical gardens of Adelaide and learned a thing or two about being prepared for 4 seasons in one day. An old image of Cape Huay also ended up on the front cover of Australian Photography Magazine.

Katie & Trent got married

Cover art: Australian Photography Magazine January edition

In February, we travlled to Longview winery and continued to evolve the way in which we handle weddings both at the scene and in post production. Bettina and Simon were particularly cooperative and even walked in the rain with us to take some images on a wet and blustery day. We found ways to catalogue files for two photographers such that merging the combined proofs would still result in a presentation of files in logical order.

Bettina & Simon got married

In March, Australian Photography Magazine featured Marianne’s image of Korpudalur on the front cover as well as a 8 page feature article on travelling Iceland. Our wedding forays also continued with Anh and Ty’s wedding at the beautiful Mount Lofty house. It was our last wedding for the 2010-2011 season.

Anh & Ty got married

Cover art : Australian Photography Magazine March edition

In April and early May, Marianne and I planned a 10 day trip over Easter to Tasmania. This trip was one where we travelled slightly more comfortably than previously as Marianne was 5 months pregnant. We still managed short walks to slightly  ‘out of the way’ places and managed to snag a few images which would later be published. Fortuitously, we also bumped into Ian Wallace and Tom Putt’s photography workshop at Cradle Mountain on many a dawn and dusk. From the brief encounter, I was introduced to his website. After becoming a regular contributor on the site, one thing led to another and the end result is my first contribution to a publication! (More on that later)

Tasmania's forests were magical

Bay of Fires and its striking lichen.

One could go into waterfall overload in Tasmania!

In June, we took our last chance to travel without children and travelled to Victoria for an extended long weekend. It coincided with a lunar eclipse which I managed to photograph over the CBD but unfortunately, it also coincided with a flu-like illness which affected me for most of the brief trip. We based ourselves in the Dandenongs while travelling out as far as Cape Woolamai on Phillip Island. With Marianne now in the third trimester, serious walking was quite limited and taken with caution given the  slippery wet conditions.

The end of the eclipse from Federation Square

Cape Woolamai and the wild weather!

The weather was mostly wet and slippery in the Dandenongs

In July, we had the first of several exhibitions for the year which taught us the value of picking locations for exhibiting our work. We felt that our canvas prints of images from our big trip in 2010 looked better than any other work we had produced, however, canvas printing meant that our costs were also significantly higher.  We achieved great exposure at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and sold some prints not related to the actual works exhibited. During this penultimate month of Marianne’s pregnancy, I felt as though I needed to get the photography bug out of me and travelled further from Adelaide on my weekend forays. One particularly memorable dawn occurred at a favourite location down at Port Willunga.

Old and new technologies to harvest wind near Burra

A most memorable dawn at Port Willunga

In August, we also managed to exhibit our works at the SANTOS conservation centre outside the Adelaide Zoo. In retrospect, we feel that our works aren’t suited to exhibiting at SALA ( South Australian Living Artist) . Photography as a medium seemed to be appreciated in a different manner to other more traditional or abstract mediums and as such, most of the questions directed at us were regarding the use of photoshop! An annoyance which has since given us much time to consider future responses. And of course, at the end of August, Charlotte came into the world!! Need I say any more than I already have!

Travels were limited in August for this reason!

One of our 40" prints to sell during the year


In September life was all about working out this thing called parenthood! Photography took a back seat but toward the end of the month, I started making some trips out on weekends again and we had to consider how to photograph a wedding with Marianne needing to express milk and training little Charlotte to be ‘babysittable’. As it turned out, she has given great joy to our grandparents while being cared for (with scattered moments of anxiety during prolonged fits of crying).

Daddy's little girl!

Our little lady!

One dawn took me to Lochiel and Lake Bumbunga

In October, we got back into the swing of wedding photography with our busiest season planned to date. A total of 7 weddings booked until March 2012.  Alice and Matt’s wedding was photographed at Clare and Bungaree Station. It was the first time we had offered to create an album for clients and we are awaiting the final result of the album. We as a family also survived Charlotte’s first prolonged absence! Later in October, Carina and Paul tied the knot at the picturesque Al-Ru Farm in the northern outskirts of Adelaide.  Also in that month, we squeezed in another cover and feature article in Australian Photography Magazine based on our travels in Tasmania earlier in the year.

Cover Art: Australian Photography Magazine

Alice & Matt got married

Carina & Paul got married

In November, the book production process was finally reaching its end. Starting from June, the 12 contributors were busy selecting , rating  and re-editing images for publication while Ian Wallace had the mammoth task of coordinating,  putting together the book and sorting the necessary technical requirements and authorship. As the months progressed and the various drafts of the book unfolded, all of us became even keener for the release date of the book. Personally, 15 of my images were chosen for publication including the back inset and back cover image. The book so far has been a great success , particularly for the Tasmanian contributors who rapidly recuperated their own costs. Thus far, of my 100 copies, 50 are either sold or consigned for retail which has been great considering the very little time I’ve contributed to promoting the book. The book would only arrive a few days before Christmas!

Tasmania : A Visual Journey (back cover)

The books finally arrived!!

December rounded off 2011 with our busiest month yet. Another image found its way on to the cover of Australian Photography Magazine and the editor Robert Keeley requested an article and cover(s) for early issues in 2012. We also managed two further weddings. Jane and Mike’s wedding was set in the beautiful vineyards of Bird in Hand Winery in the Adelaide hills. We are also in the process of creating an album for them. Our final wedding was photographed in the interiors of St Marks College in North Adelaide due to the inclement weather.  Over Christmas and New Year, I managed to take a few more images around South Australian sites in between managing Charlie’s disrupted routines from the various celebrations during this period.

Jane & Mike got married

Amy & Dylan got married

Cover Art: Australian Photography Magazine December edition

In summary, we have much to be  thankful for in 2011 and here’s a short list :

  • Black and White photographics who consistently print our work and bring reality to our digital visions
  • All of the exhibition centres who have allowed us to display our works. Hampstead Rehabilitation centre, the Challinger Gallery, SANTOS conservation centre and Gallery M in Marion.
  • The online community and photographic support we have received through : Facebook (thanks to the 1000 fans!) , Flickr , Australian Photography forum, Deviant Art and Google Plus. Thank you to all of the photographers on these sites who continue to inspire and critique images.
  • All of our family friends who have been incredibly supportive throughout the years and particularly since Charlotte arrived in the world. She now has many playmates, friends and cousins to grow up with over the years.
  • Ian Wallace and all of the other contributors from the book project : Tasmania, A Visual Journey.
  • Robert Keeley and the editorial staff from Australian Photography magazine who continue to ask us for content and publish our work. We are only happy to deliver !
  • Our brides and grooms for allowing us an intimate look in on their most personal and special days. We hope you have enjoyed our services!
  • Mother nature and her fickle ways ; thanks for the beauty all around us waiting to be captured by would be artists.
  • Lastly, a personal thanks to Marianne and Charlotte for being the base upon which anything in life has been achieved and will be achieved in the future !

Cheers to 2012 and for those around in South Australia, we hope to see you at Gallery M for our first engagement of the new year! 🙂

One final shoot on New Years Eve