2015 Countdown #10-#6

We’re into the top 10 now! Here they are along with the a screenshot of the lightroom catalogue from which they were taken :

#10 Robe Vacuum : This shot was taken on the last day of our winter holiday from one of my favourite locations for seascapes. At low tide, pools which are usually submerged . become visible with the rising and falling swell giving some interesting well like compositions. The key message from this shoot was not to give up with the light! I actually had and was starting to make my way up given that it was past dawn and promising light looked to be obscured by a thick bank of cloud. The lightroom catalogue screenshot shows the shots I was getting in the lead up to the light suddenly appearing and me needing to waddle as safely but quickly as  I could back to my previously set up position.


Robe #10


#9 Wanaka Light : The Wanaka tree seems to have a love affair with social media. It is a rather unique location with the submerged tree standing before snow capped mountains in the usual aspect from which it is photographed. On this occasion, a few of us were shooting the usual compositions when light exploded behind us! I decided to move to capture this and ended up going with the long exposure as some of those grey clouds you see were rather unshapely (if there’s such a word). Once again the lightroom catalogue screen does a fair bit of pictorial description regarding the shooting rationale both in terms of angles and exposure durations.


#9 Wanaka

#8 Feathertop Light : Marianne took this shot on a morning where I stayed home to attend to the kid’s breakfast routine. It was pretty chilly for our time in the area though snow only fell on the first evening we were there. Taking this scene at a longer focal length, we were able to maintain some of Mount Feathertop’s vertical rise whereas most shots we’ve seen from here have been wide angled shots where the risk is minimising a landmark which to the eye , is quite grand. From the lightroom catalaogue, you can see Marianne tried a few different compositions and a few different subjects.


#8 feathretop


#7 Gibson’s Starlight : This shot was taken a couple of hours before dawn with a waning moon a few days before new moon. I went out shooting to shoot for both the milky way and and lit environment specifically. I wanted to show that it is possible to look for the right foreground lighting and photograph stars at the same time.  I wondered perhaps if the aspect of timing and the possibility of actually being surrounded by the conditions on witness in the photograph is an understated experience. I think that’s something that the undoubtedly cleaner composite images may lack, but in the end, how much does that count to the casual viewer? From the lightroom images, you can see that I started out wide but found that a wide focal length didn’t really give the same looming feel of the apostles that a slightly longer focal length did. You can also see some shots with the moon obscured by cloud where all is dark.


#7 Gibsons


#6 Cathedral Pinnacle : This image was taken from atop the Hump looking down at the Cathedral rock formation at Mount Buffalo. There were clear skies that morning and I shot extra head room for a potential composite image which this image is. The sky was taken from a beautiful morning on the same trip from the Pinnacles lookout in the Grampians with the same lighting direction. The lightroom screenshot shows one shooting rationale I have these days and that is to get my main shots done before moving on to selfie fun!


#6 cathedral

Next up, the top 5 !



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