Winter Road Trip Notes.

We’re about to head off to New Zealand for 2 weeks and haven’t really gone through the events of our last trip.

Here’s a sample of what we got up to

Day 1 :On the road by 8am , arrived at Halls Gap at 1630 and grey conditions meant an early night to start off with. Dylan consigned to couch with coughing fits. Everyone else with vague low grade fevers from child care and school bugs.

Day 2: Morning attempt at Reid’s lookout . Greyed out so I headed to Boroka lookout where there was at least some light above the mist!

Day 2: Mid morning : A short walk with the kids to Silverband falls where there was some nice mist

Day 2: Early afternoon: Raining and a quick walk to Splitters falls from Wonderland. No light in the evening so we stayed in.

Day 3: Early morning walk in the dark to the Pinnacles. Got lost for a little while before witnessing some awesome light! A trip back through the little ‘Grand Canyon’ on the way down.

Day 3: Mid morning : Family trip to Mackenzie falls which was crawling with long weekend tourists. Time to get creative!

Day 3: Afternoon : Mistaken route to Mount William resulted in a detour to the base of the mountain. Great light, too rushed to get anything good!

Day 4: All day driving to the snow . 0800-1900 including some crawling through blowing snow and whiteout conditions.

Day 5: Dawn foray to witness ongoing whiteout conditions. No images

Day 5: Daytime adventures on the Dinner Plain toboggan slopes and some drive by attempts photography with screaming Jaime not liking the cold.

Day 5: Evening : Weather finally begins to clear but cleared too much! Finally, we see Mount Feathertop

Day 6: Predawn drive to Mt Buffalo delayed by whiteout coming down Mt Hotham where it was powdery. Clear view of the Cathedral . Quick stop by Eurobin creek .

Day 6: Afternoon trip back down to Mt Buffalo where we wanted to take the kids outdoors since the weather was good. Lady’s bath falls and the Castle were all we could fit in. Long drive back and a late night for the kids

Day 7: Marianne ventures out for a dawn shoot of Feathertop. More daytime action on the Dinner Plain toboggan slopes. Afternoon foray to Carmichael Falls. Stayed in for a clear sunset

Day 8 : Clear predawn for some astro photography. Both of us had shot dawn in the area so after shooting stars and moonrise, went back to sleep in preparation for long drive to the Ocean Road.

Day 8 : Travel all day from 0800-1830. Along the way, some amazing mist at Smoko.

Day 9: Predawn stars visible from our accommodation but overcast at Gibson’s Steps. Attempted night selfies, tried to find a different take of the apostles for dawn.

Day 9: Waterfalls during the day! Hopetoun Falls shoot cut short by Jaime horizontal tantrum. Lunch at the Nouri-shed before tackling Beauchamp falls with Marianne doing the photography.

Day 9: Evening : Dash to Gibsons steps as Charlotte wanted to collect shells. Marianne shoots Gibsons steps from the beach for the first time (previous trip she was 37 weeks pregnant and stayed on the platform).

Day 10: Morning : Lost filter holder at Loch Ard Gorge

Day 10 : Drive to Apollo Bay to wander around and for lunch after a visit to Carisbrook falls. Kids getting grumpy as we arrived at Marinner’s falls carpark and track is officially closed. I dashed off on a 40 minute mission and snap like crazy , drive back sweaty with kids complaining of stinky daddy. Chocolate Factory next!

Day 10: Sunset shot at Wreck Beach which ended up being one of those ‘unsets’

Day 11: Stayed in preparing for relatively shorter drive to Robe. Heavy rain all the way!

Obligatory stop at the 12 apostles!

Day 11: Evening. Quick wander out to the Obelisk to refamiliarise myself with the area and boom, a ribbon of light!

Day 12: Dawn: Super light threatened pre dawn but fizzled out. Tide was uncomfortably high.

Day 12 Day: Various wanderings around town but mainly rested .

Day 12 Evening : Afternoon shoot at the Obelisk before attempting to find a different area to shoot for future visits.

Day 13: Dawn: Attempted milky way shoot at the Obelisk obscured by clouds. Dawn looked like a fizzer and then exploded!

Day 13: Day : End of trip and our illnesses all cleared up before returning in the middle of winter with vengeance a week after return! Oh and a rainbow to farewell us from the road ! Bring on New Zealand!!!! 24 hours to go now before we potentially leave for a trip healthy for the first time we can remember.


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  1. Dylan,

    I’ve never seen the Grampians so beautifully recorded. Your journey brought back many memories. Thank you for sharing and for your early mornings.


  2. Wonderful shoots here, So glad everyone is feeling better, sounds like you all had quite an adventure, then everyday is an adventure with toddlers..looking forward to your next blog.

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