Apostles : Before and after

The image below was taken at the 12 apostles about 45 minutes pre dawn. It was a 60 second exposure taken with the 70-200 lens . The flat RAW didn’t really convey what I was seeing or imagining to present so here are ways I accentuated aspects of the original to give it its final look.

  1. Contrast between warm and cool tones between rock and water (exported a warm and cool version to blend in photoshop)
  2. Separation in contrasts between the overlapping apostles
  3. Accentuating that warm vs cool with the lighting coming from right of image
  4. Keeping the contrast well down in the water
  5. Giving a sense of depth by reducing contrast, saturation, sharpening progressively from front to back of image
  6. Cloning out distracting lights.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Before and after

Before and after

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  1. haha that’s a great look at all of the work that goes into an edit these days. Also, a great visual argument for photography as art and how our interpretation as photographers of any given scene, our feelings on the moment, likes and dislikes can all shape a final image. 🙂

    • Thank you 😉 I think showing before and after for me at least gives viewers a sense of credibility if they choose to appreciate editing or not. It’s also a way I like to show that we are not hiding behind creative processes to achieve a result.

  2. very much appreciated. At least I now now that my “original RAW” pictures are not so bad… I clearly lack the ability to transform them as you do, so I have to develop that skill. Can it be done in LR only ?

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