Editing /Shooting rationale

Marianne and I took a mini-break to Normanville in midwinter to give our second child her first taste of a short holiday. The weather forecast for that weekend was pretty terrible with rain , strong wind and rough seas forecast. On the first evening , second valley jetty looked as though it was being swallowed up by the sea at times with bursts of water coming through the planks. There were also winds gusting up to 80km/h , and intermittent rain which made it a truly wild scene. The challenge was to come back with any kind of usable image. My plan was to position myself to be able to record the action while being relatively safe. Because I knew water would be splattering the lens in every frame, I really only planned on setting up for one composition for the entire evening and firing different exposures for lighting and wave action while wiping in between (usually I am much more mobile on a sunset shoot exploring compositions for the possibility of changing light) . Very long exposures were out of the question and I found that the wind would be blowing me and the tripod of our spot from time to time anyway! The camera was covered in a rain jacket and I was covered in my goretex outers. I came back with a bunch of exposures I couldn’t view in real time and thoroughly soaked from the experience. The image below is one put together from different aspects of the evening and despite the number of shots fired, there were still some smudged aspects of the image!

The blend of different frames in order to try for a relatively clean image

The blend of different frames in order to achieve a relatively clean image

Hope you enjoyed this quick discussion 🙂

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  1. Thanks Dylan! Everlook posts are always enjoyable. informative and entertaining you are very generous with your editing techniques. Any advice on starting out with ND filters and grads..the choice is huge, I’m more interested in what value ND,s to get for starters..a couple of lower value eg, 4 stop or go the whole hog and get a 9 or 10, apart from a stop is there really much difference in the effect between the two! I know it’s a vast subject in itself and mostly comes down to hard earned experience! What were your early purchases and what guided you in your choices? Cheers..Glen

    • Hi Glen – if you’re planning on starting wtih grads, I’d probably go for a 3 stop soft edged – probably easier to use than hard grads to start off with. As for ND, if you plan on doing longer exposures around dusk, then the 4 or 6 stop versions will be enough but if you plan on long exposures in bright sunlight during the day, then a 9 or 10 stopper would be the go I’d say.

      • Hi Dylan, many thanks for that. It’s pretty damn bright here in Perth and I wouldn’t mind playing around with some water shots during the day and thought I’d have to go for the 10…. Best Wishes. Glen

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