Everlook’s 2013 review

It’s time for a year’s end post from team everlook ! With another extension to family expected early in 2014 and our ‘retirement’ from wedding photography, we can probably say that 2014 will be a less productive year than this year has been. Let’s jump straight into some favourites of ours from different locations and genres!

Four weddings and a retirement.

We only photographed 4 weddings this year and actually attended 2 as guests which was such a nice change! We have tried to emulate our landscape ‘style’ of vibrant imagery into wedding photography as well as incorporate some landscape shooting techniques too.

Skye & Brad with a sunstar at F22!

A starry night to end Kinh and Hao’s wedding at Bird in Hand winery

Long Lens ‘compression of planes’ at Longview winery for Mandy & Steve’s wedding

Long exposure on the steps of Parliament House for Mel and Andrew’s wedding

The local weather lottery!

This year, the weather gods have been both kind and cruel at their whim. I tried to venture out on most weeks to participate in a 52 week project. I doubt I will be able to commit to this in 2014 for the reasons stated above but this year did take me to many local sites . The timing of these trips was all premeditated depending on work and other commitments so it was a good exercise to find ways of overcoming unfavourable conditions and maximising good conditions. These are some of my favourites from the ‘one shoot’ trips around home.

Lightning over salt pans at Dry Creek

Waitpinga Beach on a grey morning

The ‘supermoon’ from Petrel Cove

Mannum Falls on a grey and foggy morning

Self portrait madness at Waterfall Gully

The stars over Bondleigh

The end of a chain of brilliant sunsets from Hallett Cove

The weekend warrior jobs

A couple of times a year, Marianne and I set aside a weekend away. For 2013, we only managed to do this twice and on both occasions we had some dramatic weather to deal with. At Robe, sunny days became sultry and overcast while at Lake Bonney, the whole of South Australia was going through a cold snap during which it actually snowed on our 723m high Mount Lofty (well, not really snow but semi solid precipitation which the snow-naive might call snow!) A slightly longer weekend away took us to Merredin in WA where Marianne and I had the nerve-wracking honour of being speakers at the WAPF annual meeting.

Magic dragon along the coast of Robe

The Obelisk at Cape Dombey

The stars from the western shore of Lake Bonney

The jetty at Barmera

Our take on the Crawley boat shed

Cottesloe beach on a gloomy evening

The long trips :

Our first trip in the year was a return to New Zealand’s South Island. In 2012, we did the ‘typical’ alpine itinerary of travelling through the Tekapo, Mount Cook , Wanaka and Fjordland. This year we decided to visit the west coast and the north of the island. With a mobile 2 year old who wanted to explore by herself, we actually found it more difficult than in 2012 when Charlotte needed to be carried anywhere and quite often was asleep on our back as an 8 month old. We finished the trip off with some R&R in Sydney.

Pure skies over Arthur’s Pass

Motukiekie beach on the wild west coast

Archway Islands, Wharariki Beach

Fiery dawn over Kaikoura

Our second trip of the year was to the Pacific Northwest (scroll back in the blog for more details!) . This region definitely NEEDS a revisit at some point in the future. It has given me a good incentive to stay fit and healthy such that if all things go well, and our children love the outdoors as we do, we might be able to walk as a family! The children would also appreciate and remember Disneyland more than Charlotte at this age I suspect.

Winter wonderland from Lake Tipsoo

Northern Oregon coast from Cape Kiwanda

Waterfall mania at Silver Falls State Park!

The amazing Columbia River Gorge : featuring Punchbowl falls

Ancient landforms at the painted hills

Rolling hills of the Palouse

Other projects /publications /commendations:
2013 started with a portfolio feature in Landscape Photography Magazine. We are currently also writing a piece for Digital SLR photography magazine. In between , we have had 5 postcards chosen for circulation by Pikitia , based in New Zealand. Our image of Robe won 4th place in the Epson Panorama Awards amateur division , we’ve been listed as a top 100 landscape photographer to follow, and our fan base seems to expanded internationally! It was such a thrill to know that photographers such as Miles Morgan and Tula Top had heard of us when we inquired about meeting in the USA 🙂 We were also honoured to be guest speakers at two local camera clubs where we were able to hone our presentations in the lead-up to being key note speakers at the WAPF annual event at Merredin.

Glenorchy lagoon : a top 50 placegetter

A version of this scene is our top selling postcard with Pikitia

Around Home:

Charlotte of course is our main focus on life at present. So far, we could not have asked for more from our adorable two year old who despite the odd tantrums and grizzles, never fails to put a smile on our face. We look forward to the years to come and in the near future, the challenge of reacquainting ourselves to the care of a new born in April . Hopefully, during this ‘down time’ of trips, we might be able to compile more ebooks and guides! Cheers to 2014 🙂

Someone will be sitting next to Charlie in this shot next year!

Hello from Charlie

Goodbye from Charlie!

-D, M,C


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  1. Thanks for that

    I enjoyed the review.

    Cheers, Tom

  2. No words for the beauty you capture. Such a stunning 2013! And no doubt a glorious 2014 to come.

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