The PNW Wishlist!

Marianne , Charlotte and I are about to embark on a trip to the Pacific Northwest. The current national park closure doesn’t interfere too much with our plans except for our first few nights. We will be trying to update the journey on this blog as we go. I thought it would be interesting to list some of the potential hikes and locations on the wishlist before we actually head out there though! Here it is:

– Mount Rainier : Shots from Tipsoo lake, Mineral and anywhere else we can get a view without entering the park. Possibly a long drive south to Lower Lewis River  , Falls creek falls and the Cedar Creek Grist mill

– Seattle: Probably too tired from conference activities to do much photographically. Hope to meet up with Dave Morrow for any kind of shooting!

– Coast : Cannon Beach haystacks, Astoria bridge, Peter Iredale wreckage, Cape Kiwanda and Ecola state park

– Silverton area: Silver falls state park, Abiqua falls

– Portland area : ‘the tree’ in the japanese gardens, Columbia river gorge falls : Latourell, Eagle Creek, Gorton Creek, Elowah, Multnomah + others!

– Mount Hood area: ‘standard’ Trillium lake shots, Tom Dick & Harry Mountain, other waterfalls in the area.

– Painted Hills : (painted hills if open – otherwise dunno!)

– Palouse: fields (non green versions) , Palouse Falls

-Stevens Pass : Fall colours around Leavenworth – hopefully a hike to Colchuk Lake

In four weeks, we’ll see if we managed to cram that all in with Charlotte lol! Let the phenergan keep Charlotte dopey and the adults rested for our long flight!

Until the next update (probably from Seattle)




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  1. Why not take a minute to look at my blog. I always take a minute to look at your most recent postings. Thanks, Russell

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