Snapshots of a city : Sydney

At the conclusion of our last trip, Marianne , Charlotte and I spent a few days relaxing in Sydney. We were based at a beautiful cottage in Manly.  We were only in Sydney for 3 days and 4 nights but managed to travel to many of the iconic locations. Since we were based at Manly, our photographic explorations were mainly of the northern beaches and tidal pools. These are some representative images and short stories of our experiences:

I had seen many images of the Narrabeen tidal pool and the ‘chasm’ or ‘gorge’ leading into the ocean. It was the first time I had photographed the Pacific Ocean and I was definitely captivated by its relative power from the moment I arrived.  Except during wild weather, the swell and power of the waves around Fleurieu Peninsula back home just don’t compare! I met a local photographer Noval whose work I have seen on flickr and 500px frequently. It’s always good to put a face to a name.

Narrabeen 'Gorge'

Narrabeen ‘Gorge’

We attempted to visit Taronga Zoo with Charlotte but found that there were many limitations. At just over 20 months old, her attention tended to be on objects lying on the ground such as litter and leaves rather than the exotic animals on display. As a result, most of the benefit was for us oldies rather than her. Attention spans of 20 month old babies also aren’t conducive to spending long periods of time trying to photography animals either!

The reptile enclosure at Taronga Zoo

The reptile enclosure at Taronga Zoo

The following morning, I visited Mona Vale tidal pool at a relatively low tide. There, I met another local photographer on a beautifully calm but cloudless dawn. Unfortunately, I remembered his details incorrectly so I haven’t been able to keep in touch but it was good to chat while shooting nonetheless. I gather this tidal pool get’s a good swamping when the swell is up and the tide a little higher!

Mona Vale Tidal Pool

Mona Vale Tidal Pool

That evening, Marianne and I had bought some discounted online tickets for Sealife Aquarium. From our once off experience, we can say that Charlotte far preferred the aquarium over the zoo. Perhaps it’s because the exhibits are closer and more colourful , perhaps it was because she was just generally happier that day.  The only downside to the day was the exorbitant parking in Sydney’s CBD! We needed a car for dawn shoots and for travelling with Charlotte but perhaps the timing of our visit could have coincided better with ‘earlybird’ parking to avoid the rates in excess of $20 an hour.

Colourful lifeforms on display at Sealife Aquarium

Colourful lifeforms on display at Sealife Aquarium

On the next morning, I felt like wrapping up the landscape shooting for the previous three weeks with a visit to another tidal pool. South Curl Curl was only 10 minutes from our cottage and it was to my great delight that 1 hour before dawn, tinges of pink and magenta were already developing on the horizon. What followed afterward was a superb explosion of colours. My only annoyance for the morning was the rather terrible lighting (photographically speaking) over the tidal pools which had me scrambling to exclude myself from compositions. Surprisingly there were no other photographers there that morning but it was a satisfying way to end three weeks of photography 🙂

South Curl Curl tidal pool

South Curl Curl tidal pool

For the remainder of the day, we spent time roaming Sydney and Manly with Charlotte. We caught up with Jerome Berbigier , a like minded landscape photographer with whom we do online broadcasts occasionally. Thereafter, we re-dosed ourselves with urban life from which we had successfully escaped during the previous three weeks. Jerome did put it in our head to visit Maroubra on the way to the airport, but after witnessing the dawn on that day, I was more than happy to pack up and leave photography behind for a while.

Two weeks later, I would be back in Sydney for a College of Physicians meeting. This was followed 2 hours later by the ‘head on’ festival awards night. During the 2 hour break in between meetings, I managed to film a short timelapse. Unfortunately we did not come away with the landscape prize for the momento photobook awards but were glad to have been nominated for the 2nd successive year. The walk from Circular quay to Ultimo on a Friday night was full of frenetic hustle and bustle and gave me more reasons to enjoy Sydney as a destination but Adelaide as a home 🙂

Until the next trip to Sydney!


Literally the last landscape shot of our 3 week trip!

Literally the last landscape shot of our 3 week trip!


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  1. I am great fan of your work..wherever you go i follow you….Thanks for sharing your stunning work….and keep up your good work…

  2. a great summary to a nice holiday I have enjoyed your adventure to NZ and Sydney thanks for sharing with us.


  3. northnarra2101

    Good Stuff well done.

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