New Zealand Destinations : Greymouth

The title of this blog is a little misleading as we were only based in Greymouth but we did use our motel as a base to explore. Arthur’s Pass is slightly closer to Greymouth than Christchurch so once again, distance was not an issue between the two locations. The weather during our 2 days here has been predominantly overcast with one evening giving us sensational light but grey skies and drizzle were the flavour of the days otherwise. Here are some of the locations we found time to visit (in between Charlotte developing a hacking cough 😦

The stretch of road North of Greymouth is home to some amazing coastal scenes. We will travel back along this path as we head north further on our trip though on this trip , we ventured as far north as 12 mile beach. Along the way, the 10 mile creek chasm looks an amazing prehistoric place to explore though we didn’t have the time. Our main target in this area was to find starfish at low tide near the Motukiekie rocks. Make sure you check tide tables and make sure you don’t get caught by an advancing tide as the water level does extend well past the walkable beach. This image is somewhat of a ‘teaser’ before the colours really kicked in!

Motukiekie Rocks

Motukiekie Rocks

To the southeast of Greymouth lies Lake Brunner. As we were driving through the region, we thought to ourselves that we could have stayed there several nights too! We only had time to do one quick hike to the base of the impressive Carew Falls. The hike is a gradual uphill  climb of 1km  and is on a good path through amazing rainforest. Another famous waterfall , Coal Creek Falls, is one we will have to visit on another trip.

Carew Falls

Carew Falls

On our second day, the rain set in during the afternoon. Before it became too heavy though, we were able to visit Hokitika Gorge. The gorge road is well signed as you leave the town of Hokitika and you will be struck as we were by the amazingly blue water as well as its smooth surface. Apparently, the area is home to 7.5m of annual rainfall!  The walk itself is very short ; 650m to the trail’s end. The only annoyance was the sand flies which were out in force today.

Pure Blue Hokitika

Pure Blue Hokitika

On our way back from Hokitika Gorge, we stopped along the shores of Lake Kaniere to visit Dorothy Falls. These falls are literally by the roadside and make for a good location for an impromptu picnic.

Dorothy Falls

Dorothy Falls

Tomorrow, it’s off to Glacier country and Marianne already has her heli hike booked 😉 Until then!



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  1. Absolutely stunning you two! Can’t wait to see more of the trip!

  2. Awesome shots guys! We had Hokitika Gorge on our list but decided to bypass due to time restrictions! Will add it back to the list for next time! So jealous you are doing the heli hike! Cant wait to see your photos of that! They will be amazing!

  3. Andrew Burgess

    You really do take a great pic. Just a bit jealous over here in Melb. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  4. Lovely work D&M! Looking forward to some more. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we bumped into you in NZ.

    We’re thinking of heading over once the 2nd Bub gets a bit older (7 months atm)

    • yea, we’ll be in the same boat hopefully next year by the end of the year if family planning goes well ! I can’t believe I thought that old guy who tried to sell me photo CDs was with you guys at Glenorchy haha

  5. This is my first time go to see at here and i am really impressed
    to read all at one place.

  6. Hi Dylan, thanks for letting us know your website address. Your photos of the Nelson Lakes National Park are great! Enjoyed meeting you on the tramp and thanks for sharing your photos. Looks like you have had a good trip in NZ. – Sarah (travelling with Tris and Ali).

    • Hey Sarah! Didn’t think you’d remember the site lol – thanks for looking 🙂 That’s just scratching the surface – got heaps more to go through when we get back home – hope you guys had a great tramp through speargrass – the cascade track was just something else if you’re headed back there in the future !

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