Let the resolutions begin!

A new year is upon us and like millions of others out there, Marianne and I have joined in the collective resolutions of all would-be self improvers.  I wonder what fraction of these resolutions come to fruition or persist until December 31? Only time will tell. Photographically, we wanted to keep the fun and mystery of shooting while hopefully producing some portfolio images. As such, we have both embarked on a project 52. My project centres around my weekly travels as part of a ‘destress’ program after a long week of work. I will try to get to places I have not previously photographed or perhaps document familiar locations in different ways. Marianne’s project will focus on creative visions of our home surrounds , which will be dominated by Charlotte’s toys! We will try to keep you up to date with our intentions and results. Many of the images will be snapshots more suited for a diary, others will be planned landscape shots, and hopefully others still will be completely new to us.

Week 1:

Mr resolution begain early at 8pm on new years eve. Since our household is usually fast asleep by midnight, I thought I would buck the trend and walk the town leading up to the new year countdown. My intentions were to create a timelapse video while taking some stills of the scenes where I had set up the other camera for the timelapse frames. In between locations, I tried to experiment with hand held long exposures to create a rapid sense of motion between the scenes. These are some of the end results of week 1:

The timelapse  video:

Some stills  from the night:

Light Trails at Victoria Square

Celebrations at Elder Park

Marianne’s week 1 resolution was to try taking some images of Charlotte using our gopro. After years of using point and shoot cameras and DSLRs where feedback is immediately apparent, we have found it hard to take stills on the gopro without that feedback. This picture was one of a series taken on a 42 degree day in Adelaide , the likes of which seem to be more frequent this summer!

Charlotte in water!

Week 2:

There are so many locations in South Australia I have yet to visit. Many of these are within a 1 hour radius of my house! Since the construction of the southeast freeway years ago, access to Lake Alexandrina has never been quicker. At 4am in the morning, I can be on the shores of the Lake within 1 hour from hom . I had  previously visited Milang on  several dawns but had not ventured to Clayton a few kilometres further south. After doing some virtual scouting on google maps, I headed down hoping for some good light on my one weekly opportunity. Unfortunately the skies were a little too clear for colour but the sense of calm was as peaceful as ever.

Clayton town jetty

Marianne’s week 2 centred around Charlotte’s development. Recently, she has started trying to sing ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’ , rich with impersonations of animal sounds. Some of her favourite sounds include an emphatic ‘BAAA’ for sheep and ‘AHRRRRR’ for tigers.  Our lawn has also recently taken root over summer with some explosively green results! These were the themes for this image.

Shelby the sheep senses something just isn’t right ….

Week 3:

This most recent week gone by has been a combined effort from the both of us. We were given the privilege of photographing a three month old baby of dear friends. This is always a challenge due to the relative lack of control over the situation. The further challenge was that one of us was minding Charlotte while attempting this shoot! If there’s one thing we have learned from baby shoots, it’s that once baby has had enough, the baby has spoken! Also during this week, I went in search of a sunset at a local spot which I had not previously photographed. These are some of the results.



Light at Hallett Cove

We hope we can keep this up for the rest of the year and hope to keep you updated 🙂 As a preview, 9 of the weeks should be taken up by travel shots, 5 of the weeks with wedding images and the rest of the weeks will reveal themselves accordingly !

Cheers! Until we next have the resolve to type 🙂



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