New Zealand Weather Report

Marianne and I recently returned from New Zealand and one of the comments we hear is just how lucky we were with the weather. Certainly, we had great conditions during our travels but part of the luck is making sure that opportunities are not missed. For example, if you’re waiting out in the rain and it clears, then you have a great set of memories captured. If you’re waiting out in the rain and it continues, at least you tried! If you never went out in the first place, you’d never know what you could have captured. This is a summary of of the conditions we experienced over three weeks:

  • We missed a total of 9 dawns and dusks combined. These were the only real opportunities for us to take time for serious photography as Charlie would have just eaten breakfast and dinner respectively.
  • We had a total of 7 fantastic occasions of light from which we took our best images. Three of them were preceded by conditions that could only be described as awful!
  • On many occasions, rain and drizzle prevented us from capturing anything spectacular though perhaps sometimes we captured a moody image.
  • Charlotte came out with us on 13 occasions!
Location Date Conditions Who
Christchurch 27/4 sunset Didn’t go out shooting – the big packing redistribution
  28/4 dawn Cloudy , intermittent great light over Shag Rock D
Lake Tekapo 28/4 sunset Crystal clear conditions extending into the night D
  29/4 dawn Cloudy, blustery, fantastic light over the Lake D
  29/4 sunset Completely rained and snowed in, didn’t go out
  30/4 dawn Clear, blustery, freezing D&M
Aoraki 30/4 sunset Cloudy, rainy, windy, intermittent breaks D&M
  1/5 dawn Crystal clear over Hooker Lake – hike in dark D
  1/5 sunset Crystal clear from Sealy Tarns D
  2/5 dawn Cloudy, fantastic light – no planned shoot but ran out to Kea Point due to conditions D
Wanaka 2/5 sunset Cloudy, great light, Charlie having a rough time
  3/5 dawn Clear skies, fog over lake from Glendhu Bay D&M
  3/5 sunset Clear skies, Roy’s Peak D
  4/5 dawn Packing to go to Queenstown
Queenstown 4/5 sunset Clear skies, went out for early dinner with Charlie
  5/5 dawn Foggy , overcast, no visibility at Moke Lake D
Glenorchy 5/5 sunset Clear conditions from Glenorchy jetty D&M
  6/5 dawn Clear, Frosty from Glenorchy Lagoon D&M
  6/5 sunset Clear from Kinloch D&M
  7/5 dawn Clear, Frosty from Glenorchy jetty D
Milford 7/5 sunset Overcast, little light D&M
  8/5 dawn Bucketing rain – packing for hike
  8/5 sunset Clearing after rain – super! D&M
  9/5 dawn Overcast, foggy
  9/5 sunset Overcast, no light D&M
  10/5 dawn Overcast, drizzle – clearing D
Te Anau 10/5 sunset Cloudy, overcast, little light D
  11/5 dawn Cloudy , no light D&M
  11/5 sunset Cloudy no light over Lake Manapouri D&M
  12/5 dawn Cloudy, sprinkles of rain, super light! D&M
  12/5 sunset Rain, watched game of thrones!
  13/5 dawn Rain clearing, rainbows D
Curio Bay 13/5 sunset Cloudy, penguin focus D&M
  14/5 dawn 2 minutes of light, then cloudy, grey D&M
Catlins 14/5 sunset Rain, then super light! D
  14/5 dawn Driving rain and wind at Nugget Point D
  14/5 sunset Driving rain
  15/5 dawn Rain, no light D
Dunedin 15/5 sunset Overcast, drizzle no light D
  16/5 dawn Overcast, intermittent light after dawn D
Moeraki 16/5 sunset Clear, no clouds over boulders D&M
  17/5 dawn Clear, few clouds over boulders D&M
Christchurch 17/5 sunset Big repack – didn’t look outside

Dawn over Lake Tekapo

A rare daytime stop at Twizel

Misty , frosty Glenorchy

One of our OMG super dawns at Lake Mackenzie

Rain at the Catlins led us to waterfalls – Maclean Falls in this image

Rolling pastures in the Catlins River Valley

Making the most of Moeraki by changing preferred focal length

In summary  & reiteration from previous posts : Get out and shoot! You just never know if there’s a rainbow waiting around that blind bend of bad luck.



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  1. They are all so breath taking!

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