Yen & Malcolm got married !

Last weekend was our first effort at capturing a two day wedding. It was a tiring but rewarding experience and the first of four weddings in the next month (and hopefully no funerals!) Yen & Malcolm were a fabulous couple to photograph. The day was made so much better for us with very accommodating relatives and friends. We’ll let the pictures do the talking for the days(s). The first day began with traditional attire for the tea ceremonies.

We can't resist photographing cute kids - especially when dressed up for the day!

Tradition called for certain proceedings

Firecrackers to ward off the evil spirits? (that's my theory)

At the end of the first day’s shoot, I headed home to immediately start the cataloguing process while Marianne went to pick up Charlotte from her parents’ . She had behaved exceptionally well to our relief. We were very grateful to be provided lunch at the end of the shoot as our stomachs were definitely starting to growl. The second day was what you might call a more ‘standard’ western type of ceremony at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The reception was later held at John Difede reception centre.

Details of the day's procedings

Preparing Yen

Arriving at the Botanic Gardens

Down the aisle

Exchange of vows

Releasing the doves

The day was filmed from many angles as well our photographs

After the ceremony and a few formal family portraits, we set off with the bridal party for an hour around the Botanic Gardens.

Palm house, cyclad gardens and the pond

A stroll down Murdoch Avenue

Finally ending up on North Terrace

When we arrived at the reception centre, Marianne shot details of the hall while I took pictures of each of the 158 groups of guests! Note a supplement to the meal provided by Kong Brothers 🙂

An interesting 'entree' !

Many speeches were given with gusto

A captive audience at the end of a long day!

The bridal waltz was a spectacular highlight!

…and with that , our coverage of the day was concluded. We thank Yen & Malcolm for letting us in on their special 2 days and for the hospitality shown to us by everyone involved with the wedding 🙂 We hope you enjoyed our services and the final result too. Our next wedding date is at Port Elliot !


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  1. Andrew Burgess

    You guys can do no wrong, fabulous. Love the fireworks, looks like Malcolm blew himself up!

  2. Very nice wedding-pictures! What equipment do you use?

  3. The happy couple look so handsome and young. Many wishes for a happy union!

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