A Weekend Escapade

Our last weekend away taught us a few more things about travelling and photography with a young child. We drove down to Robe and the beautiful Limestone Coast of South Australia. 3.5 hours in the car with an infant is a gamble and at some stage, they will NOT like the journey! Despite trying to remain outwardly calm, their crying will eventually affect you. Stopping the tears can sometimes only be managed by aborting any efforts to take photographs. If you persist and have your mind on two things at once, you may end up paying a price, such as breaking camera equipment like our 82mm circular polarising filter!

Above: an exposure blended image. Below: the result of a smashed polariser

The point of view of a baby is somewhat different to an adult photographer. We love sunsets and sunrises, they love to sleep during those times. We look at the grand scene, they love to focus on one detail such as the texture of a sand on a beach. Charlotte was engrossed with the water movement underneath the jetty where most of us would not have paid it a passing thought! Not to mention some very cute shadow dancing she was doing.

The little things are a wonderful source of joy!

She also loves the sound of wave motion as I found out from her coo-ing sounds while taking this panorama.

Standing in the water with Charlotte

Babies can be infatuated with one thing one day, and then treat it as his/her worst enemy the next! Charlotte seemed to love playing with sand while in Kangaroo Island but we couldn’t put her within 10 cm of the sand at Long Beach! (it was cool sand too!)

"Get me away from the sand!!"

Charlotte loves to pull on daddy’s hair. Even when there isn’t much of it left after a #3 shave! This shot was one of a series taken with Charlotte on my back pulling away as though I was a horse.

Obelisk and grass

The look of concentration is an odd one when taking the arm’s length self portrait – so I tried smiling this time!

Don't concentrate so hard!

Mornings are her best time of the day. After coming home from a dawn shoot, she seems to love the appearance of daddy through the door! Meanwhile, I was ruing the smashed polariser as these shots of the reef could have done with one to reduce water and rock glare.

More post processing was required in the absence of a CPL

Charlotte loves being in the backpack – but only while moving. Every time I so much as thought about setting up for a shot, there would be complaints from behind. Set up tripod, walk 5 steps. Put camera on tripod, walk 5 steps, Compose, walk 5 steps. Take picture, walk 5 steps. Rinse and repeat! At least I managed this panorama with this routine!

I recommend usually staying still for shooting panoramas, but not always possible with baby on back.

Mummy gets much more adventurous without having to worry about Charlotte. Here she is showing the very Chinese combination of squatting + [insert activity here] ; in this case, photography. She also got quite adventurous in finding some locals in search of crayfish and abalone at Beachport.

The squat & wait game!

There are conditions which bar Charlotte coming along. Getting to these locations required scrambling down sharp rocks and any slip could have resulted in injury. My own injury I can deal with – but no point taking unnecessary risks with the baby!

Climbing down those rocks was not a 'baby friendly' activity

Unfortunately landscape shooting will be coming to a halt for the month of March while we photograph weddings on 3 consecutive weekends. We will however be taking Charlotte on a three week journey through New Zealand in Late April. A trip we are very much looking forward to 🙂 Until next time!



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  1. Fabulous and beautiful!!!

  2. nativesunphotography

    Very good pictures, too bad about the polarizer.

  3. wow beautiful, that’s in Beachport?

    will have to go down there sometime!

  4. imogenbethphotography

    You guys are absolutely amazing! I love reading about continuing your photography with Charlotte along for the ride- very funny 🙂 I also really enjoy your tutorials, it’s hard to find talented photographers that will give you tips and tricks without charging for them- very nice of you! I always enjoy seeing your pictures, and in fact started a subscription to the australian photography magazine when your photo was the front cover- the pinkish one with the poles in the water. Really loved it! Keep up the good work guys, the blog’s fantastic!

    • Thanks Imogen! That cover shot is one of our favourite images and one of Dylan’s regular hangouts – it’s never the same each time he heads down there. It’s a little more challenging with Charlotte in tow, but hopefully it will get easier as she gets older. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  5. Very nice! Looking forward to the shots from New Zealand!

  6. Razel Rull-Navarro

    Beautiful photos. Your baby is so adorable!

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