Amy & Dylan, December 17 2011

Our last wedding for 2011 was shot at the picturesque and classic grounds of St Marks College in North Adelaide. We had known Amy and Dylan for years which made photography all the more relaxed. On the day before the wedding, we had walked around the grounds and picked a few particular spots to photograph. The main problem being that most of the planned shots were outdoors and the weather forecast for the 17th was pretty much doom & gloom! We stayed positive though and imagined that the weather would hold up but still quickly discussed a few ‘plan B’ options should Mother Nature not cooperate.

Just Married

Reception hall decorations

When we arrived, preparations were in full swing and the groomsmen were initially ‘dressed’ for the humid conditions. Wearing ties presented some occasional ‘difficulties’… Once dressing was complete, Dylan was given a surprise gift from Amy ; a watch which he had being eying but which had also suspiciously disappeared from the shelf a couple of days later. Fortunately, it has ended up on his wrist. After a few photos with the blue gasser , we found a spot with classic Chesterfields and a nightmare sized pool table where Dylan showed off his skills by pocketing a few on the break without hitting the photographer!

Dressed for the conditions!

Suiting up Dylan

An unexpected gift!

Blue gasser featured

Chilling out before the moment

Pool table adventures

Marianne also arrived with time to spare and snapped a few details before proceeding to the ballroom where Amy and the bridesmaids were getting prepared. Amy wanted many detail shots and this suited Marianne since these are her favourite photographs. The ballroom was difficult to shoot as the decor was overwhelmingly green, meaning that any bounceflash gave off a cast of the same colour, but was redeemed by the wooden floorboards and a huge character cupboard.

Dresses for wear

The Shoes!


Final Touches

Ready for the aisle!

Almost time

Finally, it was time for the ceremony. Guests arrived to bright sunshine but more than a few had their iphones tuned in to the weather as the wind began to pick up. Bride & Groom remained unfazed and the ceremony went to perfection culminating in the joy that we have so learned to appreciate on each of these special days we record for our clients (or in this case, our friends). No sooner had the ceremony concluded when I was tapped on the shoulder by a guest informing me that the inclement weather was due in 10-15 minutes. With the formal photos due to be taken, we had to be quick!  For the last three weddings we had developed a routine whereby Marianne could duck off to express milk while I was dealing with the family portraits, so it was fortunate that I was aided by very decisive family members who were able to muster the required people in a very timely fashion. In fact, as soon as the portraits were complete, the rain began to pelt down. It was time for plan B!

The weather threatened

Presenting the bride!

A touching service

Happy folks!

Rings and gifts

Sealed with a kiss!

Officialdom complete!

Celebrations begin

We found the libary difficult to shoot because of its narrow confines and the size of the bridal party. We opted instead to focus on Amy & Dylan with only some members of the bridal party. Next up, the Chesterfields yet again made an appearance as we waited for the weather to pass. Unfortunately , the rain continued but to everyone’s credit, it did not dampen spirits. From photographing landscapes, we have our fair share of wet weather gear and ended up putting this to good use as we took a few images of the bridal party from the gardens looking towards the classic buildings. It was as close to an ‘outdoor’ shot as we could manage that afternoon. The rain however, did give rise to an opportunity for a different kind of ring/bouquet shot.

In the library

Fitting everyone in

The chesterfields

As outdoors as we could manage!

A wet setup

A wetter photographer

The reception was one of the best ones we have attended as photographers because we were also allowed to be guests! The formalities were all out of the way within the first hour or so of the reception by which time, the weather finally cleared. We asked Amy & Dylan if they wanted some more shots of the outdoors but after a few images for the thank you cards, we were all more intent on celebrating the moment rather than recording it. Marianne and I called it a night fairly early as the photography always tires us out. We came home to a settled baby knowing that it was our last photographic commitment for the year 🙂 Congratulations again Amy & Dylan – we loved sharing your day in such an intimate manner and may all your happiness continue throughout your ‘happily ever after’ !

A triumphant entry

Happily waltzing

Weather was a theme for the day

Humorous speeches and reactions

A funny moment

Clear weather for an evening of celebration!


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