Alice & Matt, October 8, 2011

On the weekend of October 8, we had the privilege of photographing Alice & Matt’s wedding. It was our first of 7 weddings for the 2011-2012 season , the most we’ve photographed within the space of a few months. The most important difference for us was that we had to be even more organised to make sure that Charlotte (7 weeks old at the time) was looked after for the day. We were also concerned about the weather as rain had been constant throughout the week. As it turned out, October 8 turned out to be a beautiful break in the weather.

The bridal preparation images were taken at ‘Wuthering Heights’ 10 minutes north of Clare while  the groomsmen prepared themselves at Bungaree station. We had overestimated the time taken to get to Clare and as a result, we were able to photograph the interior of the reception venue before formal duties commenced.

The Woolshed interior

The bridesmaids were already dressed by the time Marianne arrived at Wuthering heights 15 minutes before the scheduled session! Alice however had been told by the hairdresser to wait until Marianne arrived for photographs.

Getting Dressed

Bride's Shoes

Alice & Bridesmaids

Alice at Bronte Manor , Wuthering Heights

Striking Bridesmaids (and dresses!)

Leaving the Manor

The groomsmen were in various states of dress  or undress by the time I arrived at the cottage in Bungaree. After a few calming beers , some shots of thematic cufflinks and family images, we crammed into a few cars headed for Clare Uniting church.

Thematic Cufflinks


Bungaree Homestead

The ceremony was cordial and brought out the emotions in all involved, especially Matt who shed a tear or two !

Waiting at the Altar


Leaving Church

After a series of family portraits, the location shoot occurred all around the woolshed of Bungaree  Station. We were grateful for the assistance of the entire bridal party who managed to conjure all sorts of spontaneous poses for us at the count of 3.

The Woolshed had great textures to photograph

3-2-1 Pose!

3-2-1 Pose! (again)

Groomsmen having a laugh

Alice & Bridesmaids

Woolshed Doors

Really, she wasn't heavy!

The Sheriff, a wanted man!

That road can only lead to good places !

At the close of our shooting, a long drive back to Adelaide, we felt honoured to have photographed Alice & Matt’s special day and hope they are pleased with our work. Lastly, much to our relief, Charlotte had survived the day with my parents without incident ; a good start for the remaining 6 weddings! Thank you once again Alice and Matt – you made things that much easier for us on the day!

It’s off to Al-Ru farm for October 29 .


Closing moments


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