New Beginnings

In the last few months, we’ve been rather slow to update the blog page. I am very happy to report that the reason for this is the birth of our new child Charlotte!  She is a healthy , smiling,  bubbly, screaming bundle of joy that no amount of reading or antenatal class attendances could have prepared us for. It’s hard to believe that she’s already two months old and there some aspects of her development which we won’t get to see again until we decide to try for #2. During the course of Marianne’s pregnancy and her early infancy, we’ve tried to keep taking images and videos. This post is a record of some of those moments.

Ever since we found out Marianne was pregnant just before Christmas, we planned to photograph a timelapse video of her growing belly. We went through phases of variable motivation but in the end, this was the result:

On a rainy day in July, I filmed another timelapse of the final stages of setting up Charlotte’s nursery.

Childbirth is an experience like no other. I’m not sure if there’s any value in trying to express the emotions we experienced, especially during the latter stages of Marianne’s labour.  As each second passed, the previous nine months of anticipation became ever closer to reality. There were moments of paranoia, panic that something was going wrong mixed in with that growing anticipation and when she finally took her first breaths at 9:03pm on August 22, the prevailing emotion was relief. Relief that she was safe after periods of fetal heart rate decelerations , relief that Marianne’s pain and rigours and fever had settled, relief that mum and bub were just fine. These were some of the very first pictures taken in the labour ward of Burnside hospital.

Mother and Child bonding

Relief and the end of a long day

Hungry or Cheeky??

After 6 days in hospital battling with a hungry crying baby while waiting for breast milk to kick in, our learning curve took a superman leap to the heavens . Mind you, the baseline for me was very low to begin with! Who knew that somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind were the motor skills to change nappies, burp baby, wrap swaddles and basically do a whole variety of other tasks one handed while cradling Charlotte in the other.  By the time we were heading home, Charlotte had already regained the initial weight loss and has since continued to maintain her ‘centiles’ in weight and head circumference. She seems a very healthy baby indeed 🙂

A moment of peace

When she came home, we even tried taking some portrait style neonatal shots we had seen on other people’s web sites. We now appreciate the degree of patience and persistence required to take these kinds of images.

Neonates are so vulnerable and fragile

Satisfaction is very much black and white for Charlie

Memories of the womb

Daddy the fan heater!

Of course, there have been many firsts and lots of candid shots taken in between.

First Bath at home

First Month Celebrations

First Class Hair!

First Smile!

Finally, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank the entire supporting cast of family members and friends without whom all of this would have been just that much more difficult. With your ongoing support, we’ve been able to enjoy the joys of parenthood while maintaining sanity during the challenges.  We’ve even been able to shoot the first of our 7 weddings for this season without much drama but that, is the topic for the next blog post.

A Woolshed Wedding


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  1. Congrats on the new addition to the family !!!

  2. Congrats! Life altering for sure….

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