Upcoming Exhibitions

We are pleased to announce that we have two upcoming exhibitions opening within the next few weeks!

The first one, titled “Dimensions”, is located in the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre on Hampstead Road, Northfield, South Australia.  10 canvas prints of our recent works will be on display and available for purchase.  Part proceeds go towards the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Research Fund.  The exhibition will open on Wednesday, 27 July 2011 and run until Tuesday, 27 September 2011.  The official open hours are 10am to 5pm daily, but the exhibition will of course be viewable during all visiting hours.

"Dimensions" Exhibition Details

The second exhibition is part of this year’s SALA Festival!  The biggest visual arts festival of its kind in Australia, SALA celebrates the diverse works of over 4,000 South Australian artists throughout the month of August.  The festival is a true feast for the senses, with works being displayed in traditional gallery spaces through to cafes, wineries and restaurants.

Our exhibition, titled “Otherworlds”, will be held in the Adelaide Zoo’s Santos Conservation Centre together with two other exhibitions.  The Santos Conservation Centre is located outside the entrance of Adelaide Zoo on Frome Road, and is accessible either from Frome Road or Plane Tree Drive.  A total of 10 works can be viewed and are available for purchase.  Part proceeds go towards supporting the Adelaide Zoo and its important role in wildlife conservation.  “Otherworlds” will run from Saturday, 6 August 2011 to Sunday, 28 August 2011.

More details on the exhibition for SALA soon!


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