Insight’s 2011 “A Thousand Words” Photo Exhibition

Come along this Thursday evening, 12 May, to view Insight’s “A Thousand Words” photographic exhibition!  Held as an annual event since 2007, students from all backgrounds submit photos that they feel capture the essence of a community. These photos can be joyful, inspiring but often are quite confronting.  We are delighted to have been invited to submit 6 images for the exhibition, of which proceeds from sales will go towards the “Net Attack” project.  The project provides mosquito nets to the malaria affected Kompiam Province in Papua New Guinea.

From Insight’s website:

Insight was founded in 2004 after two medical students went to India on an elective and became inspired to generate change. As the global health group of the University of Adelaide, we aim to educate, inspire and empower students to get involved in making a real contribution to the global village. Whilst health is our primary focus, we firmly believe that the basis of health is multi-factorial, and is affected by global inequalities, injustice and poverty. They therefore require a multidisciplinary problem-solving approach.
This is reflected in the varied backgrounds of both our committee and our membership, which include allied health professionals, engineers, educators, lawyers and media representatives.

We aim to assist individuals who have an interest in global health, increase awareness on the myriad of issues surrounding health around the globe, and provide the tools to enable people to get involved – ranging from fundraisers and seminars to medical aid supply and assistance.

As of 2009, Insight has over 800 students and over 100 professionals on our memberships database who receive monthly newsletters regarding new and continuing projects and upcoming events.

One of Insight's "A Thousand Words" past Photographic Exhibition Winner

Here are the quick facts:

When:  Thursday 12 May at 7.00pm

Where: Unley Town Hall, 181 Unley Road, Unley

Cost: $15 per ticket, purchased online

Wine, drinks and nibbles are included; we’ll see you there!


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