Don’t Miss Out!

April is fast approaching, so don’t miss out on your chance to pick up this month’s issue of Australian Photography magazine!  One of our Iceland images features on the cover and a travel article inside tells you all you need to know about taking a photographic trip to this amazing country.  Grab your copy from your nearest newsagent!

We are also pleased to announce that one of Dylan’s images of the Iceland hot spring Blesi was requested as a feature photo for the USA’s Popular Photography magazine!  The image appears over two pages amidst a travel feature PopPhoto has put together.  It seems that Iceland is quite the hot travel destination at this point in time!  We’re not quite sure how many newsagents stock this US magazine, but if you find the April issue in stock we recommend grabbing it; there are some excellent photographic articles within.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet visited the Everlook Photography page on Facebook, make sure you do so soon!  Become a fan (by hitting the “Like” button) for the latest updates on what we’ve been up to.  The website is being updated and the News section is soon to be obsolete – follow us on Facebook and check this blog for all the latest happenings instead!


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  1. Loved the article, loved the images. Went and looked at your online gallery – great images. I’d never thought of Iceland before but it’s on my list now! The OZ Photogrphy article was well written and helpful for anyone wanting to travel there. I’m a long time fan of the ND400 filter.

    • Thanks Rob – it’s so nice to see that our images and article have inspired people to put Iceland on their “Places to Photograph/Visit” list. It really is a spectacular country! Thanks for the comments.

  2. Oh damn, now I am Googling “Iceland photographic tours” 🙂
    Looks like Italy is now being replacd by Iceland.

    • Hey Rob, Iceland is very easily accessible in a 4WD so you might not even need to book a tour. It also gives you a tonne of freedom to explore without time constraints. We’re happy to help out with itinerary ideas, just email us! In regards to your comment… I’d go to Iceland over Italy any day. 😉 Hehe!

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