Katie & Trent

On a humid day in January we were delighted to share Katie and Trent’s wedding day as their photographers.  The skies threatened all day, even spilling some rain in the early afternoon, but by the time the ceremony was done, the sun was out and a cooling breeze gently ruffled the leaves in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Trent’s preparation occurred at his home with a few family members and the groomsmen present. He was calm, composed and kept the nerves completely under control. Not only did he manage to flawlessly dress himself, but also did the honours for the groomsmen! As the Hummer rolled up to the driveway, the skies opened but thankfully cleared for the main ceremony.

Katie, looking radiant as the final touches of make-up were added, remained relaxed and composed throughout the preparation shoot and positively glowed as she arrived at the gates to the Botanic Gardens.  Her bridesmaids gushed and giggled as we walked through Murdoch Avenue towards Trent and the wedding guests.

As Katie finally appeared from behind a screen of greenery to walk down the aisle, the guests broke out into smiles – but none rivalled the emotions on Trent’s face as he saw Katie for the first time in her beautiful wedding gown.  The sentiments of the day were eloquently summarised in their chosen reading, “Art of Marriage”: that marriage is something that is created and cherished, treasured and nurtured.

Following the group photos we finally had some time to take in the gorgeous surroundings of the Botanic Gardens, with its meandering, shaded paths and old stone buildings.

After that, it was on to the Reception… and some very happy guests!

Thanks Katie and Trent, for allowing us the opportunity to share your special day.  We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off our busiest year of weddings yet!



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