Iceland… again.

Well, as many of you know we are now back in the country of fire and ice… except this time there’s no snow and everything is green! It’s amazing how different Iceland looks at the end of summer, and how mild the days are. We had a few days of rain, of course, but today on Heimaey it’s blue skies and almost t-shirt weather! We have been trying to hunt puffins for the last two days but to no avail; hopefully tonight we will spot some as they come back in from fishing.

It has been much as we remember it from last year, just a bit busier with more tourists. We had a bit of trouble adjusting to the hours of light as well (sunset at 10.30pm??) but I think we have a routine in place now. We haven’t had much access to the internet to keep up to date with our blog as planned, so here is a massive hit of what we have been up to since we arrived 5 days ago.

We had the very privileged opportunity to shoot with Orvar Atli, a well known Icelandic photographer, whose volcanic eruption images earlier this year made news publications. He took us to a lavafield just outside of Reykjavik, and these are a couple of the shots we captured.



Some waterfalls we went walking to find; Bruarfoss:




The famous Gullfoss. We had finished shooting and I was packing up when I glanced up and behind to see sunset had actually happened! It lasted for just a few minutes, and I to run back to the platform and pull out all my gear hurriedly to get this.


Seljalandfoss panorama:


Geysir in the foreground, with Strokkur firing in the background:


Some house images:



A visit to the Westman Islands in search of the elusive puffins! We hear that they are having trouble breeding and that there are no pufflings flying into the city like we were looking forward to finding. A panorama taken from the top of a rock formation, near the end of a VERY steep climb!


Seastacks at the bottom of that rock formation:



Well, that’s all for this hurried update! Back to Reykjavik tomorrow to get ready for our Landmannalaugar trek, so we’ll post again in hopefully a week’s time!


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  1. These are some fantastic images. I often find it difficult to see the big deal from landscape photographers, but you do something with your pictures that make me want to emulate what you do.

  2. Breathtaking! You are so wonderfully talented.

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