Deep Creek Landscapes

Over the last weekend, Marianne and I went in search of more landscapes.
Starting from Friday evening at Morialta Falls, we visited Hallett Cove on Saturday dawn, Deep Creek during Saturday and Saturday night before returning to Adelaide amid the showers and storms of Sunday.
These are some of the images.

1. The base of Morialta’s second falls. 10 second timer and a scramble up some wet rocks for this cheesy self portrait.

2. Hallett Cove at dawn : The beach faces west and the sun rises from the north east at this time of year. The feature of this area of coastline is it’s ridges of curved rock which are particularly striking at low tide. The magenta hues of the rock are unique to the area as well.

3. Blowhole Beach : This was our intended sunset shoot , however, later in the day we came to realise that the whole area was already in shadow by mid afternoon. To make the most of it, we used our ND500 to get much longer than usual exposures of the water flowing into the sea.

4. Deep Creek Waterfall: This beautiful waterfall lies at the end of a rather steep trail which traversed some muddy sections. There was a large collection of slowly moving foam in the area making exposures difficult to compose for save for a super long exposure using the ND500.

5. Kangaroos leaping off into the sunset above blowhole beach. Try as we might, these roos just wouldn’t trust us – a parting shot as they left our company just before sunset.

6. Grass trees at dusk : Cobbler Hill is a pleasant camping ground surrounded by grass trees. The afterlight of dusk provided a great backdrop for these native plants.

7. Endless stars lit up by distant adelaide’s light pollution. One could have spent all night watching the stars like you would never see back in Adelaide. Magellanic clouds were all visible at single frame exposures with the 5dmkII.

8. The dawn shots we went for are missing due to the inclement weather that set in overnight while camping!

2 weeks until our HUGE holiday 🙂



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  1. These are great shots! I love the last one. Too bad about the shots you planned for dawn.

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