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The year of wedding shoots finally came to an end this past weekend and what a year it has been.  We started off by attending the weddings of two couples as one of ‘those’ guests carrying lots of photographic equipment but weren’t the real photographers. Then , within the last two months, we’ve shot our first 3 weddings as primary photographers and have learned so much from these three days. Aside from all of the techinical mumbo jumbo (choosing iso, filters, apertures shutter speeds, carrying ladders around etc etc) we learned that shooting for a good 8-10 hours does bring on mental and physical fatigue toward the end of the day. Neither of us are caffeine junkies so that was never going to be a viable solution and there’s only so much that sugar can do (besides adding a few more fillings to my growing collection of 7 and Marianne’s 5).  The best way I’ve found to keep the energy levels and concentration going is to be involved with the wedding and the people there. Each of the three weddings has had a very different ‘vibe’ to the day and how well you as the photographer settle into that vibe undoubtedly adds to your willingness to ask for certain shots, take them, and keep up the enthusiasm.

So, without further ado, here’s a few of the spur of the moment shots from this last weekend’s wedding and the mini story behind them.

Usually, wedding vows are sacrosanct, a protected bit of speech that gets memorised and repeated. Well, I don’t know if it was improvisation on the day or premeditated , but the groom certainly did some on the spot alteration to the enjoyment of all around and probably a red face here and there !

Some creative posing on the ‘car’ shot:

Some blokey antics by the groomsmen:

Hiding from the photographer maybe?

We hadn’t planned on shooting at the gate, so we just left them alone after positioning them and told them to do whatever they liked.

Celebrations in style with cigars

And of course the traditional bridal waltz was ditched for a bit of air guitar halfway through.

And finally, the shot taken for the night, and a close to 2009 for Marianne and me!

We now wait for 2010 to see what the year of the Tiger brings us. Thanks for looking and reading all of our dribble throughout the year.



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