Let’s Hope This Works!

Over this last weekend, Marianne and I completed shooting our second wedding this October.

It was a simply a wonderful day and one of those days when you could stream ‘love is all around’ subliminally through the air and it still wouldn’t seem corny. It was also one of those days that reminded me just exactly how much of a privilege is to view such happiness and capture it through a lens. There was a not even a trace of anyone being there out of obligation. As a photographer, it is a dream to be working in this environment as it can’t help but rub off on your emotions as you shoot. (Mind you it might be a tad embarrassing if the photographer shed a tear!). I could keep writing superlatives about the day and all those involved, but the point of this post was to demonstrate (hopefully) that a bit of location scouting does wonders for the shoot. Because we had limited time between ceremony and reception, knowing exactly what we wanted to do and where helped Marianne and I no end to capture the emotion of the day.

We were fortunate that there was really only one entry to the greenery. What Marianne was wanting to capture was the grandeur of the trees, however, that would have dwarfed the bride. A compromise at wide angle resulted in this shot.

Entering the Garden

Entering the Garden

 Glen Ewin is set in the Adelaide Hills which is currently lush from the heavy winter and spring rains. Everywhere you looked there opportunities for green bokeh. This shot from Patrick hopefully shows this off.

Before after 8

Photographing the bride and groom signing the registry is one of those tasks that is far easier as a primary photographer than someone in the crowd vying for an angle.  (I wasn’t prepared enough the weekend before to bring a pen so hence the car key mime :P)

 Before after 5

After the ceremony and congratulations, we had the problem of finding somewhere to take shots of relatives. The previous week was dry but in the week leading up to the wedding, it had been raining most days. As a result, many of the women (bride and bridesmaids included) had started to sink their heels into the turf. The caretakers were also quite keen for us to limit damage to the grounds. Fortunately other than the nice textures of the wall, Clare and Emily had left their bouquets on a bench along with a champagne glass which I only spotted after a couple of images had been taken.

Before after 4

 By the time all of the posed family and group shots were done, it was technically time for the reception on the running sheet already! This was mainly where the preparation had helped us. Most of the compositions were largely in our head from the previous week’s visit. I had to take images of the bride looking out into the water. This is just one of many taken which I could consider a ‘keeper’.

Before after 2

Next up – there were plenty of grittily textured old walls and wooden doors on the estate. Sadly, the one we had eyed with beautiful overhanging flowers could not be used as someone driving a Lexus had parked right in front! grrr….. Anyway, a bit of tripod work and half serious posing the week before gave us the composition below. I ended up with a white bottom the previous week so for the day, we brought a towel for Clare and Hien to sit on ( you might be able to peek the corner of it in the image ).

Before after 3

Marianne had an idea to get the bridal party walking down one of the many green paths and frame the image the willows and lilies in the area. Lighting on the day was quite dark here and she couldn’t use the flash without blowing out the foreground. The blue sky from the scout shot would have been good in the real one!

Before after 6

There was an attractive stone alcove a short walk from where we were. By this time, people were getting hungry, the crowd was waiting to cheer the entry of the bride and groom, so we bid them a few cheers and let them on their way ! I don’t think we could have got Clare up where Marianne was given that the ledge was only 10cm wide or so.

Before after 1

Marianne and I now have 1200 or so photos to sift through for Clare and Hien. It will be a pleasure even if our sore eyes don’t tell us so. Our first pass last night told us we wanted to give them at least half of them. Now it’s time to relive the day in retrospect and see if we managed to capture enough of it to paint the beautiful storybook day of October 17 2009 for Clare and Hien 🙂



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