An Icelandic Journey

A quick update to let those of you following this blog know that our absence has not been one born of writer’s block; we are in fact halfway through our photographic journey around Iceland and have another 7 days to go in this amazing country!

We landed in Keflavick airport after almost 48 hours of travelling from Adelaide, including transits in Singapore and London, so it was with relief that we finally tumbled into the Reykjavik Hostel.  I won’t be going into much detail as we will write up a full day by day synopsis when we are back in Australia, but here are some images to whet your appetite; the landscapes here cannot be described with mere words.


Kirkjugolf, Southeast Iceland

Kirkjugolf, Southeast Iceland

Hengifoss, East Iceland

Hengifoss, East Iceland

Fjardrargljufur, South Iceland

Fjardrargljufur, South Iceland

Godafoss, North Iceland

Godafoss, North Iceland

Posted on May 4, 2009, in Iceland, Photography. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Really a great set–nice to come back from six weeks out of touch to see beautiful photos of Iceland. Now, if only *I* were in Iceland, too. . .

  2. bravo!
    i love this set and what you generally write!
    you rock people!
    iceland has been on of my few realised dreams…
    simply stunning!

  3. Thank you! We are back in Adelaide and are busily editing more photos. Dylan has written a day-by-day synopsis of our trip so we hope to have this posted soon! -M.

  4. Just a note to say I visited. Very admirable work! I advise many to go see for themselves, but you’ve captured some of the phenomena of a little visited part of the planet.

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