So, Iceland It Is, Then

Dylan and I were out walking the dogs one evening, and we were discussing our next holiday; specifically, where it was going to be.

We had recently returned from a two week trip to Tasmania and we found that we really enjoyed our time there (well, mostly – doing The Overland Track a second time wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be).  So, we thought we would head back in April to catch the autumn colours of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, as well as head to some north-east locations we had missed last time.  The idea was to hire a motorhome/campervan so that we would not be hindered in our photographic travels and could be self-reliant for food and accomodation.

Somehow the conversation then turned to maybe New Zealand instead.  Since we were last there in 2005, we have significantly improved our photography, and we wanted to go back and capture images that better reflected the beauty of our little neighbour.

Now, at this moment here, I think I should say this:  anyone who knows me well enough will tell you readily that I am organised to the point of… whatever it is I am organised to the point of.  I even scare myself sometimes.  In fact, I am so organised, that I will think many years ahead in terms of life goals and planning.  One of these is to start a family (or try to) in late 2010.  After the big Western USA holiday.  But that’s another story.

The reason for mentioning my OCD organisational tendencies is this – I said to Dylan, ‘Why don’t we save up and go overseas instead, since Tasmania and New Zealand are fairly accessible even with a baby?  Especially with a motorhome, I can feed and clean while you’re out taking photos!’  Okay, so that led to some brainstorming of places we had visited, wanted to visit again, would like to visit.  The brainstorm session went something like this;

Dylan:  “We could go back to Nepal”

Marianne: “Hmm, yeh but I had altitude sickness last time.  Maybe you can go to Everest Base Camp again, and I’ll wait for you at Tengboche” (Tengboche sits at about 3800m, which is pretty much my maximum altitude limit, and is a lovely little stopover on the trek to Base Camp)

Dylan: “Nah, you’ll get bored”

Marianne:  “How about China?  We didn’t do the south last time, that will be really pretty”

Dylan: “Yeh.. maybe”

Marianne:  “Oh, how about Japan!  Maybe it’s cherry blossom season!  That’d be awesome!”

Dylan: “Oh yeh, I could ask Dad about where to go” (Dylan’s dad regularly travelled to Japan for business and used to bring us back cute little packaged biscuits)

Marianne: “Maybe we could do China then Japan!”

Dylan:  “We could…”

[Pause as I think about how cool it would be to see all those cherry blossoms in bloom, and all the yummy food I could eat in China]

Dylan: “What about somewhere really far-out… like… [pause as he thinks of somewhere far-out] …Iceland!!”

Marianne: “… Iceland?!?!”

Dylan: “Yeh”

Marianne: “…ICELAND?!?!!?!”

Dylan: “When we get home, I’ll look it up”

Marianne: “…”

We walked the dogs home, and Dylan looked it up on the internet.  So apparently it’s not so icey as I thought the name Iceland might imply (I am so not geographically oriented) and there are so many waterfalls to shoot that we’ll probably come back with hundreds of images.  BUT, the deciding factor, as I researched more about it, were the… PUFFINS!  These birds are so cute, I can’t believe they offer them as a dish in Iceland!

So there it was.  It’ll be a maximum of 6 degrees Celsius during the day while we are there with about 16 hours of sunlight.  We’ll be driving around ourselves in a 4WD, hoping to catch a late aurora borealis, lots of waterfalls, volcanic sand beaches, puffins, Icelandic horses, and praying that the roads might be opened early to some scenic locations we’ve picked out.  I’ll be cold and grumpy and carrying the camera batteries with me 24/7.  It’ll be a two week drive around the whole country.

Funnily enough, I think I’m actually looking forward to it.  Although that may be because I’ve scheduled 4 days in Kuala Lumpur on the way back to Adelaide for some R&R and lots of Malaysian food…


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  1. wow haha, iceland should be fun!

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